This is the Bride and Groom's First Song that they will dance to as a married couple. 


This is the song that the wedding party will be introduced into the reception to.  This is a very exciting moment since all of the guests have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Bride & Groom and they are typically greeted with great fanfare.

This is the song that the Bride and the Bride's father will dance to.

This is the song that will be played while the cake cutting ceremony is performed.

Wedding Music Suggestions


These are some of the top wedding songs for each respective category.  Click on any of the links below for some suggestions.

This is the song that the Bride will toss her bouquet to a group of single women at the wedding.  The tradition goes that the woman that catches the bouquet will be next to be married.

This song is played while the Groom approaches the typically seated Bride and attempts to remove the garter under her gown in preparation to toss the garter to a group of single men.

Once the garter is removed,  It is usually then tossed over the shoulder to a group of single male guests. It is said that whoever catches the garter will be the next person to be married.

The garter toss usually takes place after the bouquet toss. Sometimes the male guest who catches the garter places it on the leg of the female guest who catches the bouquet.

This is the last dance of the wedding reception.

These are songs that are played before and during the Processional of the wedding party into the ceremony or the Bride's entrance into the ceremony.

This is the song that the Groom and the Groom's Mother will dance to.